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Serkan Gur ís Visual Basic Applications Page


On this site you will find various VB programs and Excel applications I have written over time. Because I am in the finance business Excel files are more likely to be on financial subjects. All files are freeware and can be copied, changed, abused, etc. without my permission. And I take full responsibility if they harm your computer by any means (surprised?). Feel free to contact me if you have a bright idea or if you need the actual VB code.



The following three .exe files are demonstrations of 3-D rotation in Visual Basic through use of transform matrixes:




This one below is a numerical version of the famous Mastermind board game. Unlike other Mastermind derivations on the Internet, this one is interactive and it has a very powerful algorithm. It usually beats the opponent (you) within 5-6 moves (let me know if you ever last 7 moves or more!). The code successfully evaluates every possible move and chooses the most useful one. All other interactive Mastermind games I have seen so far only pick a random guess out of the remaining possibilities (they call that the heuristic approach). Though my algorithm is not significantly better than that, itís still better:




For finance related Excel and VBA applications like Black-Derman-Toy binomial interest rate modelling, Vasicek binomial tree, Eurobond pricing functions, Black-Scholes option pricing formulas, etc. please click the following link:



Financial Excel applications



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